Moose hunting!

Standard's Camera Dec '12- Dec '13 2513

This picture is from a girl’s weekend in the Rocky Mountains with two of my bestest friends in the whole world….one I’ve known since kindergarten, and the other, in the back seat, “mirrored” above, is the person who introduced me to Jesus when I was in the 6th grade. (We’re all going to be neighbors in heaven, just to let you know…at least that’s what we’ve asked of God).

A storm was coming in, and we took off up the mountain to see if we could find a moose. Most people had deserted the mountain, due to the weather warnings, so it left the highway clear. We were meandering around the campgrounds, when all of a sudden, Marty showed up. We stopped. My friend opened the moon roof, and I was able to shoot a photo of Marty, as we affectionately named him…

Chris's Camera Dec '12- Dec '13 2499

It was a grand weekend, one spent talking, laughing, fellowshipping and cooking with my dear friends. It warms my heart to this day. 😉


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