Show Pigs


It’s that time again. Farrowing time….when gilts have baby pigs. They are sooo cute. Maybe it’s because they’re clean, and haven’t developed that distinctive hog smell (yet).

Yesterday a momma pig had babies, and every single one of them came backwards. We had to be there to wipe off the birthing fluids and membranes, and make sure they were breathing. It doesn’t take long for them to spring to life and look to nurse their momma.

Being a first time momma, though, the gilt was quite nervous and wondering why she hurt, and what exactly were these little critters crawling all around her? Finally, though, the hormones and motherly instincts kicked in, and she lay on her side, and started grunting at them, (translation: I love you, babies!).

Later in the spring, we’ll wean them from their mommas, and grow them up a bit, then sell them to 4-H kids for summer projects. They’ll fatten them up, and train them to “show” to the county fair judge. Eventually, they will end up being pork chops, bacon and sausage.The projects teach 4-H’ers responsibility, discipline, and it gives them a way to make some cash for college someday.

Aren’t they cute?

Pigs 2014 January 105


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